Claudia Brücken, this now

Claudia Brücken as The Angel of Only

October 06, 2012

Claudia sings a song titled ‘Dark Spell’ on Andrew Poppy’s new album, Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling. The staging of the musical voice has been a continuing thread in Andrew Poppy’s work. This new project is for six singers with himself as narrator/DJ/MC in a ‘club of ghosts’.

Best know for his albums for ZTT such as The Beating of Wings, Poppy has a unique body of work. This includes Chamber Operas for The Royal Opera House and The National Theatre and experimental approaches to musically driven theatre made with the seminal Impact Theatre Co-op.

Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling is trans-genre and draws on his long term creative partnership with Julia Bardsley as well as collaborations with Claudia Brücken, James Gilchrist and the Portuguese singer Bernado Devlin. Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling attempts a negotiation between electro pop, classical lieder and contemporary fado.

Mixed by Paul Humphreys, the album is now available to pre-order at

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