Claudia Brücken, this now

‘One Summer Dream’

July 02, 2013

Here comes ‘One Summer Dream’, track five on Claudia Brücken's widely acclaimed, Stephen Hague produced album of other peoples songs The Lost are Found, and now to be released as a single on the 5th of August.

‘One Summer Dream’ was written by Jeff Lynne, recorded in Munich, Germany by the Electric Light Orchestra for their fifth album Face the Music (1975), and it was also the discreet, emotional b-side of the better known 1978 single, ‘Mr. Blue Sky’.

Claudia’s original version has been mixed up by those who know their dream summertime beats, the album and now single version given summery, dreamy attention, as you’d expect from a singer who was part of the great ZTT remix heyday in the early 1980s.

Horse Meat Disco resident dj Severino Panzetta gets in the electric light mood and delivers the 6’19” Deep Waters mix; iconic trance specialists Blank and Jones give out the 2’54” Warm Summer Breeze radio mix, and keep the sun shining with an extended 4’48” Out to Sea Mix.

‘One Summer Dream’, four refreshing ways, with a golden cocktail twist, digital only, full of life but only £1.79p.

Pre-order ‘One Summer Dream’ on the iTunes Store.

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