Claudia Brücken, this now

Propaganda to ‘Where Else’ – an interview

October 13, 2014

Keith Creighton talked with Claudia for Popdose, in a lengthy, career-spanning interview:

‘I own a bajillion records on every format known to man, and the #1 record of them all, bar none, is a left-field, one-off smash called A Secret Wish by Propaganda. Executive produced by Trevor Horn (post Buggles, pre-Yes and Seal, recorded at the height of Frankie Goes to Hollywood), nothing that came before or after will ever compare to this epic, controversial and smashing synth pop masterpiece.’

‘30 years later, I finally had the chance to connect by Skype with the group’s Claudia Brücken, a singer whose stellar subsequent work secures ample acreage on my CD wall. Before we walk through her storied career from the first recording session to her superb new album, Where Else…’

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