Claudia Brücken, this now


2012: The Independent: ‘How We Met’
2011: The Quietus: ‘Breaking Free From the Past’
2011: The Electricity Club: ‘Time Is Always Time’
2010: Word Magazine: ‘The Nerve Centre’
2007: The London Paper: ‘The Dark Art of Propaganda’
2006: Chain D.L.K.: ‘Onetwo – Instead’
2005: Stylus Magazine: ‘Another Language’
2004: ‘Like a Signal From Another World’
2004: Record Collector: ‘Laughter, Tears and Rage – the Anthology’
1991: Melody Maker: ‘Claudia Brücken: Subterania, London’
1991: Melody Maker: ‘Love: and a Million Other Things’
1987: Sounds: ‘Serious Moonlighting’
1987: No.1: ‘It’s All an Act’
1985: Melody Maker: ‘The Sculpture of Dreams’
1985: Record Mirror: ‘The Passions of Claudia Brücken’
1985: NME: ‘Abba from Hell!’
1985: Melody Maker: ‘A Secret Wish’
1984: Smash Hits: ‘Propaganda, Dr Mabuse’

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