Claudia Brücken, this now

Photography, 1990-1991:

Claudia Brücken, by the Douglas Brothers

Behind the scenes at the ‘Kiss Like Ether’ video, by Dominic Turner

Shoot for the unreleased single, ‘Fanatic’, by Peter Wesley Brown.
Styled by Iain R Webb, make-up by Debbie Bunn.

Pre-‘Love: and a Million Other Things’ image – photographer unknown


Before Propaganda
1984-85: Propaganda
1987-88: Act
1990-91: Solo
2004-Now: There(there)
2012: ‘The Lost are Found’


‘John was a very different writer to Thomas, and indeed to Ralf and Michael of Propaganda, so here I was, beginning again – but this time with more experience and understanding of what I wanted.’

The story of Love: and a Million Other Things can be read in the History/Experience section