Claudia Brücken, this now

Photography, There(there) era:

Claudia Brücken, by Piers Atkinson

Onetwo, by Hege Saebjornsen

Claudia Brücken and Andrew Poppy, by Julia Bardsley

Claudia Brücken, by Andrew Catlin

‘The Bush Hall Posse’ (2012)

Claudia Brücken, by djbrass


Before Propaganda
1984-85: Propaganda
1987-88: Act
1990-91: Solo
2004-Now: There(there)
2012: ‘The Lost are Found’


‘Two decades after we were on the same label, I met Andrew at a party and we had this conversation about how great it must be to just get up on a stage and perform without the need of setting up a lot of equipment and having to deal with a lot of preparation in regard to the technical side of things. Just to be able to keep things simple, get up on stage and perform on the spot with a piano or a guitar and a singer only.’

Claudia’s story of her album with Andrew Poppy can be read in the History/Experience section

‘When we started to play ‘Duel’, the entire audience started to sing along, drowning me out. I was a bit overwhelmed to be honest. I remember thinking; ‘Oh wow, if only Susanne, Ralf and Michael could be here on stage with me and see this right now...’.’

Claudia’s story of her project with Paul Humphreys as Onetwo can also be read in the History/Experience section