Claudia Brücken, this now

Photography, ‘The Lost are Found’:

Claudia Brücken, by Andrew Catlin


Before Propaganda
1984-85: Propaganda
1987-88: Act
1990-91: Solo
2004-Now: There(there)
2012: ‘The Lost are Found’


‘An acclaimed record producer thinks of some songs that mean something to him, and he invites one of his favourite singers to sing them, and she was thinking of some songs that mean something to her, and looking for a producer to bring them to life. Sounds simple, and after a fact, after all the considering, gathering, discussion, performing, recording, mixing, mastering and completing, it is – the radiant and irresistible simplicity that can emerge from general, practical complexity.’

The story of ‘The Lost are Found’ can be read in the History/Experience section